• We have been supplying plastic products for the construction industry since 1987,

  • knowledge of this industry and its needs, our product range includes products which we own the patents,

  • Our market share in Turkey is high,

  • Over active 3000 customers,

  • Export to Germany, Italy, Macedonia, Bosnia, Albania, Georgia, Azerbaijan, Armenia, Iraq, Lebanon, Algeria, Israel, Bahrain, Ghana, Libya, Nigeria ..

  • “exclusive research, development, production, sales and after sales support services”

  • Shipments to numerous locations in Turkey, as well as Arbil, with our ownlorry and truck fleet

We produce customized products…
…according to customer’s requests.

Our Product Range

PVC-U Pipes & Fittings

Non-Return Valve

PPR Pipes & Fittings

Iron Fittings

Modular Channels

Standart Manholes

New Generation Manholes

Manhole and Inspection Chambers

Manhole Covers & Frames

Floor Drains

Shower Channels

Featured Floor Drains

Corrugated Pipes & Fittings

PE Pipes & Fittings

Rain Gutter & Fittings

Drip Irrigation Pipes & Fittings

PE-RT Pipes


Heating Systems

Iron Spacers,